Introducing the Fabulous Feeding Cloth

Introducing the ultimate baby feeding cloth, The Fabulous Feeding Cloth. 
Only available from Madison Avenue Mommy.

Never leave the house with a spit-up stain again.

Look fabulous all day.

Do-it-all. Repeat.

Only the Fabulous Feeding Cloth protects your clothes from spit-up, milk, drool, and other baby messes! Created for moms and baby caregivers to wear, this unique design keeps you clean while feeding, playing, and caring for your baby.


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Product Features:

  •  Protects your clothes from spit-up, milk, and all baby messes
  •  Keeps you clean and looking fabulous
  •  Makes baby time easy and magical
  •  Soft for your newborn baby’s skin
  •  Simple to use
  •  One size fits all
  •  Made of 100% Premium Cotton
  •  Waterproof bottom layer protects your clothes
  •  Crucial for all working moms
  •  Unique baby shower gift 
  •  Baby registry must-have

Do-it-all with the Fabulous Feeding Cloth!

The Fabulous Feeding Cloth is not designed for breastfeeding/nursing. It is not a nursing cover. It is intended to be used while holding, caring, burping or bottle-feeding your baby.

This product is only for ages 13 years and older. Not intended for ages 12 years and younger.

The product is intended to be used by adults to protect from spills while bottle-feeding, holding or playing with baby.


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