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We Believe That Mommyhood Should be Fun and Fabulous!

We make innovative products to help moms everywhere rock their do-it-all lifestyle. 

 Our Mission

To make mommies feel fabulous.

Our Story

I could never get out of the house clean and on time!

After my first baby was born and I went back to work, I would get dressed each morning only to have my adorable little guy spit up all over me as I was putting him in the car!

This happened almost every time we left the house, not to mention at dinners, lunches and more. I was changing clothes constantly, and still had stains on my outfits most of the time.

I needed a baby feeding accessory to protect me and my clothes from my little spit-up machine! While there are tons of burp clothes out there, none of them fulfilled my needs. I needed a cloth that would:

  1. Completely cover my clothes to truly protect them.
  2. Not fall off the minute I made a sudden move.

So, I decided to make my own.

First, I had to learn how to sew!
After taking classes, I finally created a functional and fashionable cloth to fit my needs. I used beautiful fabrics so that the cloth would complement my outfits as a subtle accessory. I also added a waterproof backing so that no liquid could spill through.

Having a cloth that protected my clothes made me feel so much more confident! I decided to bring the cloth to mommies everywhere because all mommies should feel confident and glamorous. And the Fabulous Feeding Cloth by Madison Avenue Mommy was born!

Now headquartered in the Houston, Texas area, I am committed to creating products that help moms around the world feel fabulous and glamorous.

Thank you for shopping with us,

Kelley Prust
CEO and Founder
Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc. 

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