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Working Moms' Survival Guide

All moms are superheroes but working 40 hours a week and being a mom takes it to a whole other level! I have never been more tired than the years when I had toddlers and a nine to five!

Here are tips from our Do-it-all Moms Panel on how to hack the working life and love it.

1. Prep on Sunday
It is so tempting to stay in Sunday, hang with your kids and just relax! But, if you spend just a small amount of time planning and prepping on Sunday afternoon, you will save a ton of time and stress during the week! On Sunday we do the following:      

  1. Plan the dinners for the week and pre-chop and freeze all veggies
  2. Make my salads for the week for quick lunches
  3. Plan the kids lunches and breakfasts for the week

2. Prep the Night Before
You have heard this tip from your mom since you were a kid! I know I have and I actually started doing it! And, of course, my mom was right! It totally saves time.

  1. Put all shoes by the door (including yours)
  2. Pack up all backpacks and work bags and put them by the door
  3. Fill water bottles
  4. Sign all permission slips and folders
  5. Pack lunches
  6. Get your kids to help – they may actually love it!

    3. Leave EVERYTHING by the Door
    If it’s not by the door then I will definitely forget it! All items that need to leave the house in the morning go by the door, so we will not forget!

    4. Lists, Lists, Lists
    I live by lists and my kids love them because it helps them do things on their own. I have a “lunch box” list with everything my son needs in his lunch so he can pack it each day. I have a morning to do list for myself. I have a work bag list, so that I don’t forget any work items like my computer cord!

    Make a list for everything you need to get done. Then it actually will get done and you don’t even have to think about it!  

    5. Love the Moments
    Working and being a mom has you running around and around constantly. You are trying so hard to balance it all, that we forget to enjoy it. When you do finally sit down at dinner or bedtime, really soak it in. These times are tough, but they don’t last and, as hard as they are, you will miss them.

    That's it! Go conquer the world mamas! 

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