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What Do I Need in My Nursery?

It’s time to start nesting! Building and designing your baby’s nursery is one of the most fun things to do during your pregnancy. The themes, colors and adorable baby supplies are endless. So, what do you need? Our Do-it-all Moms Panel created a list of the top 11 items you need most.

1. Changing Table/Dresser

Our moms recommend getting a dresser that can double as a changing table. There is no need to have a separate changing table when you can use your dresser as a changing table.

2. Diaper Pail

There are tons of options for a diaper pail. Make sure to get one that seals well, so it keeps the smell confined. It is also handy if you can use your own garbage bags rather than their pricey, specialty bags.

3. Diaper Holder

A small bin to keep on the dresser filled with all your diaper changing supplies is a must. When you have a messy diaper, you will have everything you need right there including diaper rash cream, diapers and wipes.

4. Changing Pad

You can find a simple changing pad in any baby supply store! You can use it alone for easy clean-up or buy adorable covers to go on top to match your décor.

5. Glider

You will be spending A TON of time in this chair! Make sure it is comfy and relaxing. The hours you will spend rocking your little one in this chair will add up. Make sure you love it!

6. Baby monitor

A video monitor is fantastic, especially for first time parents who want to see their baby’s every move. But the sound monitors work just as well for keeping tabs on your little one.

7. Feeding accessories

It is key to have these following accessories handy in your nursery for easy clean-up.

Fabulous Feeding Cloth — this new feeding cloth protects your clothes from spit-up and milk while you are feeding and caring for your baby! A total must for every new mom.
Bibs — you will go through tons of bibs, especially if you have a baby who loves to spit-up. 
Burp rags — babies always have drool and spit-up on their gorgeous faces. Be ready to clean them (and you!) up with burp rags on hand. 

8. Hamper

Babies go through A LOT of clothes, blankets and cloths! Make sure to have a big and easy-to-carry hamper that you can load up and haul to the laundry room easily.

9. Bookshelf

Reading to baby is so important starting with day 1! Get a small bookshelf and start filling it during your pregnancy with your favorite children’s books. You will also have a place to keep all the books you will get as gifts!

10. Swaddles

Babies love to be swaddled. It makes them feel happy and safe. With lots of spit-up and leaky diapers, you will go through a number of swaddles throughout the day. Make sure to keep a good inventory in your baby’s nursery.


Your baby can sleep in their crib past two years old! Make sure it is sturdy and good quality. You can also skip blankets, pillows, bumper pads and stuffed animals for babies. All they need is a clean sheet that fits tight on their bed.

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