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Top Features of the Fabulous Feeding Cloth

The Fabulous Feeding Cloth is the ultimate feeding accessory! This all-new cloth protects you and your clothes from baby spit-up and drool, so you can enjoy mess-free, stress-free cuddles with your newborn baby. It is perfect for working moms who are always on-the-go!

Top features of the Fabulous Feeding Cloth:

Guards your clothes from spit-up and all baby messes

Keeps you looking fab

Makes baby time easy and magical

Soft for your little baby’s skin

Easy to use

One size fits all — approx. 19” wide by 23” long when laid open and flat

Crucial for all working moms

One-of-a-kind baby shower gift


This is a must-have for your baby registry! Find out more.

Available here and on Amazon!

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