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Top 7 Spring Cleaning Tips for Do-it-all Moms

Spring cleaning isn't usually something that gets moms excited. It is hard enough keeping up with the day-to-day cleaning that your home needs. But, it is key to keeping your house maintained and your stress levels low. Here are some tips from our panel of do-it-all moms that will help you rock it. 
1. Make a Plan

If you go into a war zone without a plan, you will never be effective at beating the enemy. In our case the enemy is OUR FAMILY’S MESS!!!!!! Making a plan of attack will help you win in the fight against clutter and mess. 

Make an all-inclusive list of everything that needs to be organized or cleaned. Include everything from cleaning your windows to picking up your son’s Legos.

2. Prioritize

If you try to do everything at once you will get completely overwhelmed and give up and go get a glass of wine instead. This has happened to me a number of times.

Take your all-inclusive to-do list and make a “must-do” list of the top items that have to get done this week. Then assign who and when each task will get done that week. Once the week is done, create a new “must-do” list for the next week. 

3. Declutter First

It is easier to clean when you have gotten the junk, old toys, and old clothes that you no longer need out of the way! There is no need to save that baby jumper for your younger sister’s little girl (that she hasn’t even had yet and probably won’t have for another 5 years). Go through your closet before every season and dump everything you don’t wear. You can donate it or sell it to Thredup.com — an AMAZING thrift store website that sends you prepaid packaging for your old clothes and then pays you for them!

For toys, I go through the bins once a month and if they don’t ask for a toy after it is gone for a week, it goes on eBay or to Goodwill.

There is so much you don’t really need. Don’t waste your time thinking about what to do with old items. Get it out and get on with your life.

4. Bring in Your Tribe

I never used to ask my kids to help clean because it always seemed like more of a hassle than doing it myself. Then my friend suggested I have my son wipe the baseboards…and he loved it!!!! What?

I have two kid timers from Amazon. I set them for ten minutes, give the kids an easy job (clean up your books and pick 5 you don’t need anymore), put on music and the race is on! If they do it before the timer runs out they get a reward.

5. Book a Professional

Nothing is more valuable than your time. It is the only thing that you can’t get back! If it is going to take you weeks to restain your fence, clean your windows or landscape your yard…don’t do it!!!! Pay a professional and use your time for work or to enjoy your kids. Your time is precious.

6. Get Ready!

Spring cleaning will take you half the time if you have all of your supplies at the ready when you begin. Check your inventory of cleaners, white vinegar, baking soda, paper towels, clean rags, window cleaners, mops, buckets, wood cleaners, dusters for high places, and detergent.

You don’t want to be in the groove and then have to run to the store. You may never get back in the groove again! Get your cleaning supplies ready so you can get going and get in the cleaning zone.

7. Start TODAY

Spring cleaning was always something to do “next week.” That, of course, meant never. Do it today. Take action. Make a list while waiting in carpool line, cooking dinner or sitting in a meeting you don’t really need to be in. Start now. Start messy. Just start.

Spring cleaning may sound like no fun at first, but once you get in the zone you will feel a huge sense of accomplishment. Get the clutter out and your organization skills going. If you need more ideas, there is always Pinterest!

Get out there do-it-all moms! Spring cleaning awaits!

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