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Top 10 Must-haves for Your Baby Nursery

Planning your magical baby nursery is an experience of a lifetime! As a new mommy you want to get it just right. You want it to be a quiet, magical place that will nurture your baby…until they become a toddler and try to destroy the place!

Here are our tried and true top items that every nursery MUST-HAVE!

1. Crib and/or Bassinet

Your baby’s sleeping spot is the focal point of every nursery. Bassinets are lovely to start with because babies’ feel cozy in a closer space, but you need to have a crib ready for when they get big — and that happens FAST! My last baby only spent 2 months in his bassinet before moving to the crib. Thank goodness, we had one ready to go!

2. Baby Monitor

This choice can be daunting! There are so many options! Video? Audio only? One that plays music? One that is connected to your phone? And baby monitors can be very expensive. My recommendation is a video monitor that has a temperature gauge. I loved being able to see my little baby on the screen, and that helped me feel less stressed when I wasn’t in the room with him. I also loved the temperature gauge, so that I could make sure the room didn’t get too warm. This is a perfect item for your baby registry — maybe your in-laws can splurge on a fancy one.

3. Bedding

Sheets, blankets and bedding can be one of the most fun items to pick out! However, you must review sleeping best practices with your doctor to ensure that your baby is sleeping safely to avoid suffocation. I recommend reviewing all bedding options with your doctor.

4. Changing Table/Dresser

The changing table can be a fun place for you and your baby! You will laugh during messy changes and snuggle after the work is done!  I recommend choosing a dresser that will double as a changing table, so that after your baby is diaper-free you can still use it as a dresser. Getting furniture that does double-duty is a must!

5. Fabulous Feeding Cloth

This NEW burp cloth is a must-have for every nursery. It is a specialty burp cloth that truly protects your clothes from post-feeding spit-up and all baby messes. You won’t be able to live without it.

6. Clothes Hamper

Believe it or not, this is one of my FAVORITE items to buy. There are so many adorable hampers available. Hampers used to hide in the closet, but now they are so cute that you want to put them on display. Get one to match your bedding and show it off!

7. Rocking Chair

This may be the most magical piece in your nursery. You will spend hours rocking and feeding your baby in this chair. Number one rule — make sure it is comfortable! It doesn’t matter how good it looks, if your rocking chair is uncomfortable you will end up hating it.

8. Diaper Pail

You need an easy place to put dirty diapers that will keep smells away. I recommend an option that lets you use any type of garbage bag rather than their specialty bags. Those replacement bags can be pricey and they really are not worth it. Using your own, regular garbage bags saves you time and money!

9. Bookshelf

Reading to babies is crucial to their development! It introduces them to words, sounds, and your voice. Having a bookshelf in the nursery with a collection of children’s books will remind you to read to your baby each day.

10. Mobiles

Mobiles add a fairy-tale element to a nursery and can help soothe new babies to sleep. I recommend a black and white mobile. Babies may find the stark contrast in colors especially intriguing.

Good luck with your decorating and have fun!

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