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The Madison Avenue Mommy Story

Like so many other Moms out there, Madison Avenue Mommy founder Kelley Prust was a Mom trying to juggle a million things — career, kids, community, meetings, friends, and more! Trying to get out of the house was a huge challenge because she would get dressed and feel great only to have her adorable little guy spit up all over her right as she was putting him in the car. This happened almost every time they left the house, not to mention the times it happened at dinners, lunches, and more. She was changing clothes constantly, and still had stains on her outfits most of the time. She felt anything but confident and glamorous!

Kelley needed a cloth to protect her and her clothes from her little spit-up and drool machine! While there are tons of burp clothes out there, none of them filled her needs. She needed a cloth that would completely cover her clothes to truly protect them from anything, and one that would not fall off the minute she made a sudden move or bent over. So, she set about making her own.

First, Kelley had to learn how to sew! After taking classes, she finally created a functional and fashionable cloth to fit her needs. She used beautiful and fashion-forward fabric, so that the cloth would complement her outfits and be a subtle accessory. She also added a waterproof backing, so that no liquid would spill through.

Having a cloth that protected her clothes made Kelley feel so much more confident when she was out and about with her little one. Plus, she could finally leave the house spit-up free! She decided that she wanted to bring her cloth to Mommies everywhere because all Mommies should feel fabulous and glamorous. And the Fabulous Feeding Cloth by Madison Avenue Mommy was born.

 Now headquartered in the Houston, Texas area, Kelley and Madison Avenue Mommy are committed to creating products that help Moms around the world feel more fabulous and glamorous.

 Check out the Fabulous Feeding Cloth Collection by Madison Avenue Mommy here!

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