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The Birth of the Fabulous Feeding Cloth

Once I became a Mom, I hate to say it, but I never felt fabulous or glamorous anymore. I felt frumpy and chaotic. The first few weeks with your new baby are magical, but I also felt pretty unfabulous as I stuffed my ever-changing body into sweats and pajamas each day. After weeks in homebound mom clothes I wanted to look fabulous and feel confident again.

Once the healing was over and I was getting a few hours of sleep, I was ready to head back into the world. I dressed up in my cutest outfit (that still fit) and felt great for a moment. Then I had to go back in and change into old mom sweats because my little guy spit up all over my cute outfit.

As I went back to work, getting dressed and out of the house got even worse! My baby was a super-drooler and a spit-up/throw-up champ. I never left the house in clean clothes! I actually considered going to work in my PJs and then changing in my office. I am not sure my boss would have approved.

That is when I decided I had to invent something to keep my clothes clean so I could get to work on time and looking professional. My goal in inventing the Fabulous Feeding Cloth and in founding Madison Avenue Mommy was to create a company that truly makes mommies feel fabulous and glamorous. Every mom is the ultimate Wonder Woman. We try our best to do it all and we should feel confident and glam!

Kelley Prust

Founder and CEO, Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc.

Mommy to Seth, Bailey and Jax

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