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The Original Madison Avenue Mommy

When I was looking for a name for my company, I wanted something that truly encompassed the glamour and fearlessness of being a mom. The answer was easy. It was inspired by the most glamorous and fearless mom I have ever known, my Aunt Maggie.

My Aunt Maggie leads a jet-setting, international life. She has lived all over the world including London, Greece, and Germany. She speaks five languages. And she is a financial wiz. When she became a mom to two adorable children years ago, nothing seemed to change. She traveled with her little ones in tow to exotic locations, continued working, and seemed to do it all and more. At the time, she lived (you guessed it!) on Madison Avenue, just steps from Central Park.

To me she was the ultimate glamorous mom. She tells a different story, of course. In her version, she was a mess all the time. She was constantly cleaning spit-up and desperately trying to get to work in matching shoes. But, all I saw and all the world saw was a fearless mom doing it all.

A Madison Avenue Mommy is every mom that is fabulous, fearless and doing it all with no apologies. And our goal at Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc., is to create products for these fabulous do-it-all moms.

Kelley Prust

Founder and CEO, Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc.

Mommy to Seth, Bailey and Jackson
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