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How the Fabulous Feeding Cloth is Made

When I set out to make my new baby feeding cloth, the Fabulous Feeding Cloth, how it was going to be made was vitally important to me. This cloth is for babies and mamas. Nothing is more important than the health of a brand-new baby to its mama.

When my first little one was born, I was super-focused on where everything that would touch him or go into him was made. Diapers, wipes, soap, bottles and more. I poured over ingredients and the origins of everything. I know how important it is for moms.

So, when it came to make my baby product, it had to be perfect. First, I wanted it to be manufactured in the USA. I found the most wonderful manufacturer. They are personable and truly care about the quality of their products. Second, I needed a soft and safe fabric. I decided on Premium Cotton that is soft on baby’s skin for my top fabric layer and a polyurethane laminate knit (the same cloth that is used in most cloth diapers) for the waterproof lining.

Our goal is to create a product that helps make your life easier! And one of the ways we do that is by making our baby product as safely as we can.

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