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Harvey Wasn’t in My Business Plan!

When I took the plunge to start my own business I read piles of business books and talked to all my friends and family members who have their own businesses. They all said the same thing — plan for things to go wrong, for everything to cost more than you thought and for lots of bumps in the road. When I created my business plan I definitely made sure to plan for unexpected time delays and expenses. What didn’t I plan? That the most catastrophic hurricane to hit the United States in 12 years would hit my home on the exact day of my long-awaited business launch.

Instead of posting special launch offers on Facebook and Instagram for my friends and family, I was standing in lines for water, and desperately combing through empty grocery store shelves for food and supplies. As Harvey dumped more than 40 inches of rain on our city, my three kids, my hubby, and myself were utterly trapped in our home for 6 days watching the flood waters rise and rise. I cried as I carried my beloved stock of new products out of my home office and up the stairs to escape the rising flood waters. After working so hard and so long, all my dreams felt like they were slowly being washed away.

Our street was a river, the lakes around our homes overflowed and trapped us. There were no emergency services. If one of us got sick or had an accident, there was no one who could help us. Stores were closed “until further notice” — not that we could get to them. It rained and rained and rained.

For my kids, it was a fabulous holiday from school. Dying to get outside, they ran around in their raincoats and boots and drew sidewalk chalk on the patio. We never lost power or water, which was a complete miracle.

When the water was just a foot from our home, the rain finally stopped. We were so lucky. Our house was spared. So many of our friends and colleagues lost everything or were displaced for weeks. Over the next few days we bought food and supplies for friends, delivered donations, and marveled at the amazing kindness of all the Texans we are lucky to live amongst.
All the while, my business, my baby, sat. I thought I had planned for everything! But Harvey got me. It was the one thing I left out of my business plan. Harvey literally stole my thunder.

Kelley Prust

Founder and CEO, Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc.

Mommy to Seth, Bailey and Jax

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