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Summer Fun Bucket List for Kids

It’s summer!!! Time to get out there to enjoy the weather and make memories with your little ones. Don’t let the time pass you by! Make a bucket list of all the things you definitely want to do this summer and check them off one by one.

Ultimate Summer Bucket List

  1. Get into the Garden!

Getting your hands in the dirt has so many rewards for you and your children. It helps them learn where their food comes from and gets them outside. Check out some of these amazing videos on how you can plant a simple garden from your food leftovers!

  1. Spend time at the beach

Summer time means beach time! There is nothing like spending time together at the beach to bring a family together. Swim, fly kites, play paddle board and make memories.

  1. Send your kids to a Day Camp

Unlike doing an activity during the school year, day camps give kids the change to explore their interests without having to commit to a full season or year. Sign-up for drama camp, dance camp or sports camp. Plus, it gives you a break!

  1. Save your memories

Have all your memories in a box? Use the summer time to get organized! Get scrapbooking supplies from your local craft store, give your kids a box of mementos and let them go to town gluing and decorating. It will give them something to do and they get to relive all their good times.

  1. Go on a picnic

Eating outside is so fun for kids. Anything different seems like an adventure to them. Let them help make sandwiches and pack up the ice cooler, then head out to a local park or even in your own back yard.

  1. Play in the sprinklers

You don’t need a fancy pool in your backyard to have water fun. Kids love anything new and different. So, even if they are used to hanging at the pool, they will love to run around and spray each other in the back yard.

  1. Ride a giant unicorn

Giant unicorn and swan floats are still all the rage and with good reason – they are awesome. Grab one at Target and set sail on an adventure in your pool. 

  1. Host a tea party

Royal wedding fever is still here! Host a fabulous tea party for your kids and their friends. They can help you plan the menu, decorate and set-up. They will love the different sweet like scones and biscuits from across the pond. Plus, they get a special chance to dress up!

  1. Have a water balloon fight

This is a classic! And with easy-to-fill water balloon kids it is so much simpler than when we were kids! Grab a kit and have an afternoon of fun.

  1. Learn about our founding fathers

You know what? The founding fathers of our country are so interesting and captivating! They fought a war, stood up for their rights, and never gave up. 4th of July is a perfect time to teach your kids about the founding fathers. You can find games that will teach your kids about these incredible men. Happy 4th of July!

Now get out there and have some fun!!!

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