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Do-it-all Mom Spotlight: Pamela Horowitz

At Madison Avenue Mommy, we want to help you do it all!
Every week we spotlight fearless and fabulous moms who are out there rocking the do-it-all lifestyle. Check out their tips and tricks for being awesome on-the-go!

Houston, TX (Originally from Southern California)
Stay-at-home Mommy to Nathaniel (7), Juliet (4 going on 14), and Catherine (2)
Retired Attorney

About Pamela

  • Born and raised in Southern California. Went to college and law school in the South at University of Georgia and Duke Law School.
  • Practiced transactional law in the energy space for over ten years at large international law firms, but happy to currently be retired.
  • Met my husband, Mark, through a law school friend, and knew he was the one the first day that I met him.
  • Avid consumer of all things pop culture and enjoy sharing some of those obsessions with my kids, such as Star Wars, the Avengers, ABBA, and Elton John.

Best parenting advice you ever received:
Don’t worry about the small stuff.  It may seem huge now, but your kid is not going to be in college and not know how to tie his shoes. Everything will work out in due time.

Best mommy make-up tip: 
Skip it!  You will give your skin a break, let your natural beauty shine, and save yourself a ton of time.

Best mommy fashion tip:
Follow the wisdom of Eva Mendes (before the athleisure people went nuts on her and made her recant), and do not wear sweatpants in front of your husband.  The lady landed Ryan Gosling, so she must know what she’s doing.  Apart from that, all bets are off, and wear whatever makes you comfortable.

I never leave the house without:
My hiking backpack that I converted into a diaper bag.  Some people literally have never seen me without it.

Favorite thing to do with your kiddos: 
Chasing your kids around is the best workout.  Getting outside and playing will make any day better for the whole family and will help you ace the activity goals on your tracker of choice.

Go-to meal for your family:
Spaghetti and meatballs.  It’s a classic and everyone loves it.

The baby product you can’t/couldn’t live without:
The bassinet for sleeping the first three months. We used an old school cradle with our first two but lost the hardware in our last move. I kicked myself for not finding this vibrating miracle earlier in the child-rearing process.

The best baby shower gift you received:
For my last baby, my friend gave me the Fabulous Feeding Cloth. It was amazing! I used to just change my clothes all the time after my little gal would spit-up on me. No more! It is the most rockin' burp cloth. 

Best vacation you have taken with your kiddos:
I would say Aulani in Hawaii, but the kids would say Beaver Creek in Colorado because they are skiing fools.

Your #1 tip for traveling with kids:
Snacks will cure many travelling ills, so come prepared!

Advice you would give to new moms:
No one knows how to do this, and every family is different. Take your time, find your own way, and you will be awesome at this gig!

Your Mommy Mantra:
Enjoy the moments, even if that particular moment is making you crazy, because the kids will grow up so quickly.

I feel fab as a mom when… 
all three of my kids are happy and being sweet to each other.  They may turn on each other in an instant, but it was fabulous while it lasted.

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