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Do-it-all Mom Spotlight: Michelle Pfennig

At Madison Avenue Mommy, we want to help you do it all!
Every week we spotlight fearless and fabulous moms who are out there rocking the do-it-all lifestyle. Check out their tips and tricks for being awesome on-the-go!

Michelle Pfennig
Houston, TX
Stay-at-home Mommy

About Michelle
Michelle was one of our amazing real-mom models for our first-ever Fabulous Feeding Cloth photo shoot.
Michelle is a Chicago girl! She attended Illinois State University where she met my husband the first week of school in the dorm laundry room. The rest is history! After teaching third grade for 8 years in Chicago, she and her hubby picked up and moved to Houston. It was her first time leaving home and she was terrified, but excited for a change. She is currently a fabulous stay-at-home Mom to two sweet kiddos, Jade (4) and Caden (2). Enjoying this role and trying to soak in these young years before they fly by!

Best parenting advice you ever received:
“The years are long, but the days are short.” Make your time together count! Create memories, enjoy new experiences, and be in the moment.

Best mommy make-up tip: 
A little bit of concealer, mascara, and bronzer can make you look put-together in no time, and it takes 5 minutes tops.

Best mommy fashion tip:
Yoga pants/leggings can make a (cute) statement! Dress it up or down, so versatile!

I never leave the house without:

Favorite thing to do with your kiddos: 
Play at the park - enjoying the outdoors, running around, being a KID!

 Your Mommy Mantra:
“This too shall pass.” When the times are super hard, I like to remind myself that the stage we are in is temporary (whether it be tantrum city, diaper blowouts, potty-training, sleep deprivation…) and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. And throughout that tunnel, there’s a village of amazing moms ready to jump in and support as needed (with a hug, wine, cry session…).

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