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Do-it-all Mom Spotlight: Dana Nussbaum

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Dana Nussbaum
Los Angeles, CA
SVP, Media at Warner Bros. Pictures

About Dana

  • Dana is a California girl through and through. Born and raised in LA, she attended the University of Southern California where she met her husband Brian.
  • After graduating with a degree in Communication, she started working in the entertainment industry and has never looked back.
  • She is a professional juggler or, in other words, a full-time working mom. 😉
  • She currently serves as the SVP, Media at Warner Bros. Pictures and is mom to two beautiful little girls, Madison (8) and Reese (5).

Best parenting advice you ever received:

 Be Present.  In an age where everyone is constantly connected and working in an industry that never seems to sleep, this can be challenging. But, I always try to keep it top of mind. When I finally get home after a long day at the office, that is the only place I want to be.  The years fly by and I don't want to miss a moment...the snuggles, the laughs and even the tears. I want to be there for all of them. Emails can wait.

Best mommy make-up tip: 

Drybar is a busy mom's best friend. It's a bit like magic — I can run in there straight from carpool with my hair in a ponytail and walk out looking polished and ready to face the day.  During the week it is an essential time saver, but on the weekend, it becomes something fun I do with Madison and Reese. It has become a Saturday morning tradition! We each try out a fun new style and enjoy a little "girl talk".

Best mommy fashion tip:

You can never, ever go wrong with a great pair of jeans! With the right styling, they can transition from boardroom to playroom quite seamlessly.  My go-to Friday look is a pair of dark denim topped with a classic fitter blazer and patterned pumps for a little pop of color.  I wear that into the office, but I always bring my favorite pair of flats with me and change into them at the end of the day.  My girls know that when they see mommy come home with her sparkly flats on, the weekend has begun!

I never leave the house without:

Pens!! My girls love to make lists, draw pictures and make those old-fashioned paper "fortune tellers" anywhere and everywhere! They also come in super handy when we are waiting at a restaurant or in the doctor's office. Nothing passes the time quite like a pen and paper and imagination. 😊


Favorite thing to do with your kiddos: 

It sounds silly, but there is nothing I love more than snuggling up with them and reading a book or watching our favorite movie. I hope they never get too old for a snuggle with their mama! 😉 A new favorite tradition we have are at-home sleepovers...we haul the sleeping bags into the playroom, play games, do crafts and then all tuck in for the night.  Although no one gets a ton of actual sleep, we all love it because it is time spent together.  ❤️

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