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Do-it-all Mom Spotlight: Brittany Jones

At Madison Avenue Mommy, we want to help you do it all!
Every week we spotlight fearless and fabulous moms who are out there rocking the do-it-all lifestyle. Check out their tips and tricks for being awesome on-the-go!

Brittany Jones        
Houston, TX
Elementary School Teacher
Mom to baby girl, Emerson

About Britany

  • Brittany is a Texas girl! She was born in Dallas and has lived in Houston for 7 years.
  • As a new mommy to a baby girl, she loves spending time with family and friends.
  • Her passions outside of school are crafts, shopping and interior design.

Best parenting advice, you ever received:

Take the advice but do what's best for you and your baby. 

Best mommy make-up tip: 

On days I don't have time, I use a Mineral foundation for quick and easy application and a good mascara. 

 Best mommy fashion tip:

If breastfeeding, buy a lot of nursing bras for normal wear, and comfortable wire-free ones for home and night. Invest in nursing nightgowns and clothes to make it easy to nurse wherever you are. 

I never leave the house without:

A full diaper bag! (Check out our go-to diaper bag list here!) And my yeti to constantly drink water. It's Hot in Houston! =

Favorite thing to do with your kiddo: 

She's getting so fun to play with now. I also love our nursing time on the couch with all her snuggles and she falls asleep in my arms so peacefully. Then mama gets to catch up on "The Real Housewives" :)

Your Mommy Mantra:

"Enjoy more, worry less.” Being a new mom is hard. You don't know what you're doing, you’re sleep deprived, you have visitors every day, and breastfeeding is hard. It helped me to talk to other mothers and get out of the house to enjoy the little things with Emerson.

Where do you use your Fabulous Feeding Cloth?

It is great to keep where you feed. For me, it's on my couch recliner where I like to nurse. Especially in the mornings before work, so I don’t get spit up on! 

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