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Crazy Fun Holidays to Celebrate this Summer

You’ve got 4th of July down, but do you know there are tons of fun holidays this summer that you can celebrate with your kids? They are the perfect excuse to go out and have celebrate. We have run down the best fun “holidays” for June!

June 1st DONUT DAY
June starts off with a bang with Donut Day! This day celebrates one of America’s favorite foods. Tons of donut shops participate. Find one that is giving out free donuts!

June 4th Leave Work Early Day
The perfect excuse to run out of work early and play in the late afternoon with your kiddos. They’ll be grown up soon — take this chance to make some memories.

June 7th VCR Day
This day was obviously from the 1980s. But, it is a chance to teach your kids a little history about what it was like when we wanted to watch a movie. No skipping and you had to rewind. After the lesson, enjoy a movie night!

June 8th Best Friends Day
On this day, host a playdate for your little ones’ best friends! And give your best friend a call or text to reconnect. It will make you feel young again.

June 9th Donald Duck Day
Celebrate our favorite 2nd banana on June 9th. Have a birthday cake for Donald and watch some old Disney cartoons.

June 10th Iced Tea Day
This is my favorite drink! Celebrate it today by stopping by your favorite iced tea spot — or make your own.

June 11th Corn on the Cob Day
Corn on the cob is the ultimate summer food. Grill some up today with butter, spices and even some cheese. Let your little ones help prep them for the grill.

June 18th Picnic Day
Get out to a park or just in your backyard for a lovely picnic lunch.

June 22nd Onion Ring Day
I haven’t had onion rings in years! Onion Ring Day is the perfect excuse to indulge or to introduce your kids to this awesome treat.

June 24th Swim a Lap Day
Time to get in the pool and get moving. Hold a mock swim meet with little prizes for all your swimmers.

June 26th Chocolate Pudding Day
Remember making pudding the old-fashioned way? Pinterest a great pudding recipe and get the whole family involved. It will be a fun and delicious celebration.

June 27th Hellen Kelley Day
Celebrate one of the most resilient women on Helen Keller Day. It is a fantastic time to teach your kids (especially your girls) about this hero. The book, I am Helen Keller, is perfect for bedtime reading.

There is so much to celebrate in June! Get out there and join the celebrations!

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