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9 Ways to be Kinder Ready!

1. Buy the Perfect Backpack

It is tempting to get a tiny backpack for your tiny kindergartner because the big backpacks are SO HUGE! But, trust us, they will need the room. With giant binders, folders and library books coming home, you will need the space of the large backpacks to fit everything. Let your little one help you pick out the backpack. It will get them excited for the big day!

2. Get a gift for the teacher

A small gift for the teacher on Meet the Teacher Night or the first day of school really helps your teacher get to know and remember your child from the start!

A couple of our favorites from Pinterest:

Supply Cake from 

Teacher’s Emergency Kit from  

Coffee gift with printable tag 

3. Order school supplies through the school
If your school offers school supplies through the school or PTA – do it!!! I had to do it all myself our first year and it took me three stores, Amazon and hours of my time. Not worth it! Order the supplies through the school and they show up at your child’s desk on the first day. Awesome.

4. Rock Meet the Teacher Night
Go in with a plan! Before the big night, make a list of the questions you have for the teacher and have your kindergartner add her questions to the list. Sit down with your little one and have her list all the places she wants to see or visit in the school. Make sure to show her the library, music room, art room and other places she will be traveling to during the day to make it less intimidating.

5. Be the First
Kinder parents are super eager to get involved in anything! So, make sure to sign up for things as soon as they come out! Be early for Meet the Teacher Night to get the jump on signing up, and make sure to open all emails from the Homeroom Parent and Teacher immediately. That way you will always get first dibs on sign-ups.

6. Plan lunches out for the week
The first week is SO hectic. Plan the lunches out the weekend before and that will also give you time to do some fun Pinterest lunches to make each day special. Here are some of our faves:

 90 Back to School Lunch Ideas from 

Easy Non-sandwich lunchbox ideas from

6 Easy Lunch Kabobs from

7. Pack up together
Let your kindergartner be a big kid and pack up their own backpack with their snack, water bottles and lunch. Have them put their shoes by the door and explain the morning routine to them. It will be exciting!

8. Order your first day of school signs
You don’t want to be the only one on Facebook without those cool first day of school signs!? They really are adorable and make a great keepsake.

My favorite Etsy store that offers them: Stock Berry Studio 

9. Take pictures before leaving the house
When you get to school it will be crazy and there may be lots of tears! So, make sure to take pictures before leaving the house in case you forget in all the madness or your kindergartner is clinging to your leg, which is not the photo-op you were wanting! 

Starting kinder is a big milestone in your kid’s life! It is sweet and fun. Enjoy every minute! 

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