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7 Tips for Getting Out of the House with Kids (on School Days)

Getting out of the house on time with kids is an impossible task! With two kids and one baby, I finally mastered getting out of the house on time with these tips and tricks. It involves a little planning and prep, but it can save you tons of time and stress in the end. Good luck moms!   

1. Night Before Prep

It is SO hard to prep items the night before school. You are tired, they are tired and all you want to do is go to bed! But this one tip saves you an incredible amount of time in the morning and cuts down on forgetting things. Here are my go-to items that I prep every school night!

  • Water bottles in backpacks
  • Snacks in backpacks
  • Homework in backpacks
  • School folders signed
  • Backpacks by the door
  • Water bottle for mom
  • Diaper bag replenished with supplies
  • Bag of diapers and wipes for day care (don’t forget to write their initials on them! — I hate getting to day care and scrambling to write their initials when I am late)
  • Baby feeding supplies for day care
  • Fruit for breakfast – this saves so much time and guarantees that I actually feed my kids fruit in the morning

2. Shoe Baskets

Shoes used to be everywhere in our house!!!! We spent precious time going on shoe hunts every morning before we left the house. Now, we have designated shoe baskets for each of my children and all shoes get deposited there when we get home.

3. Coat Spot

We live in Houston, so we only need coats about one month out of the year. But, for colder weather climates it is key to have coats, hats and mittens all laid out by the door on hooks or in cubbies. This helps kids be more independent because they can be responsible for going to their coat spot and getting ready themselves.

4. Toothbrushing Downstairs

My kids used to disappear to go brush their teeth upstairs and never come back down! It took a lot of time and screaming to get them to come back down. Now each of them has a second toothbrush and toothpaste in our downstairs bathroom, so they can brush without toy distractions upstairs.

5. Get Up Early

It is so hard to pop out of bed an hour before your kids get up, but this one trick saves you tons of time! This gives you the opportunity to shower without your kids jumping into the shower with you or get ready without your daughter digging through your make-up.

6. Use a Fabulous Feeding Cloth

If you have a baby this is crucial! I used to get dressed for work, pick up my baby and he would spit-up all over my clothes. Then I was in a frantic dash to change clothes — praying that I even had a back-up outfit! This revolutionary burp cloth for working moms totally protects you and your clothes from spit-up and baby messes. Get one today!

7. Add 5 Minutes for Poop

It never fails, I get all my kids ready and in the car and my son yells, “Gross, Jackson pooped!” Sure enough, my baby boy poops almost every morning before we leave. Then I have to lug him all the way upstairs and rush to change him. Plan for these last-minute time-sucks because they always happen.

That’s it! I hope these tips will help you get out of the house a little more quickly and with a little less stress!

Please let me know in the comments your tips for getting out of the house.

Do it all moms…you got this!


Kelley Prust
CEO, Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc. 
Mommy to Seth, Bailey and Jax

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