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5 Ways to Use Your Fabulous Feeding Cloth

When I was a new mom, I was desperate for a burp cloth that truly protected my clothes. My little guy was a spit-up machine and I could never get out of the house without a stain. I remember being at a family dinner celebration and he had drooled all over my cocktail dress. I was a mess. I used burp cloths, but they fell on the floor constantly and got dirty. I am a germaphobe mom, so I would never use them after being on the floor.

Since nothing worked for me, I had to invent one that did! I created the Fabulous Feeding Cloth to give me and moms everywhere stress-free cuddles. Moms have to do it all, and I want to help make life a little easier for you.

Top 5 ways you can use your Fabulous Feeding Cloth:

  1. Getting ready for work
    Ever get everything ready to go and then have your little one spit-up all over you while you are loading him into the car? I have! The Fabulous Feeding Cloth protects your clothes from accidents while you are getting ready and loading up for your big day.
  1. Entertaining baby visitors
    When little ones arrive, visitors come from far and wide to visit mommy and baby. But, not all are excited when baby spits up all over them. Offer your guests a burp cloth that actually stays on and never falls off! They will get their baby time minus the spit-up.  
  1. Playing with baby at home and out and about
    Get mess-free, stress-free cuddles when you are home or out with the Fabulous Feeding Cloth. No more messy burp cloths, no more changing clothes constantly, no more worrying about yucky spit-up stains. We’ve got you “covered” (forgive the pun).
  1. Bottle feeding on-the-go
    I love to get close and snuggly when I have to bottle-feed my baby. But it always leaves me with a big, wet stain on my chest! The Fabulous Feeding Cloth has a waterproof layer that blocks spit-up and milk from staining your clothes while you bottle feed. Get ready for some snuggles.  
  1. Dining out with your family
    I stopped going out to eat with my baby because he always wanted to be held and I would end up with drool everywhere! Now, I can throw on the Fabulous Feeding Cloth when my baby needs to be burped or held during dinner. It keeps your dress spotless while you cuddle at dinner.

There are so many different uses for the Fabulous Feeding Cloth! Have any more? Share them in the comments below.

Thank you, 

Kelley Prust
CEO, Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc. 
Mommy to Seth, Bailey and Jax


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