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5 Tips for Moms Going Back to Work: A Guide for Do-it-all Moms

It is the best of times and the worst of times. Going back to work after maternity leave can be an emotional and stressful occasion. It is exciting to get back to the adult world and to see friends, but it can be excruciatingly difficult to leave your little one. Not to mention, you go from being totally focused on baby to being pulled in a million directions. You no longer have any time for anything and, I am sad to tell you, that this won’t change for a good 10 years!

Here are my tried and true tips for moms going back to work.

I hope they help you feel sane and even a little fabulous:

1. Prep the Night Before!!!

There are a million things to do in the morning when you are trying to get out of the house! The more you can do at night the better.

My go-to list for night-before prep:

  • All feeding supplies: milk, formula, bottles, and solid cut up foods in a cooler in your fridge
  • Write initials on all diapers and put in diaper bag
  • Write initials on wipe packs and put in diaper bag
  • Extra clothes if needed in diaper bag
  • Coat and hat by the door
  • Extra stuffed animal for naptime by the door
  • Nap roll by the door
  • Your lunch in the fridge
  • Your work bag packed and by the door

2. Pick Out Your Clothes for the Week
It seems silly, but we spend a lot of time picking out our clothes each day. You can save a ton of time by planning your entire weekly wardrobe on Sunday night, including one extra outfit in case of baby accidents and spills.

3. Plan Your Lunches for the Week

I never know what to eat! That is why I plan my lunches for the week on Sunday and prep any items that take a lot of time. For example, I prep four salads for my lunches on Sunday night. This will save you time and money on buying lunch out.

4. Fabulous Feeding Cloth

This is the ultimate burp cloth. It totally protects your work clothes from baby spit-up and drool while you are getting them ready to go. I have gotten dressed so many times and then had to rush back inside because my baby puked all over my suit! Never again. Get one (or two) here!

5. Plan for 10 – 15 minutes for drop-off

Plan extra time in your morning to spend at least 10 minutes dropping off your baby. This allows you time to hold them, get them used to their surroundings, and to chat with their teacher. I got to know my baby’s teachers well and this gave me a chance to tell their teachers how they were doing that morning. Note: this only works until about 6-8 months, after that you have to drop and go because if you linger your baby may succumb to a fit of tears.

Good luck working moms! It is hard to get it all done each day, but it is completely worth it in the end. Your babies will admire your work ethic and career achievements so much as they get older.

Do-it-all moms…you got this!

Kelley P
CEO, Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc. 
Mommy to Seth, Bailey and Jax

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