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10 Diaper Bag Must-haves: A Vital List for Do-it-all Moms

You never know WHAT will happen when you are out and about with your baby and kids. Spilled milk, throw-up, diaper blowouts, and more! How can you prepare for all eventualities? We have prepared a go-to list for every mom, so you can leave your house with confidence and be awesome on-the-go!

  1. 3–4 bibs
  1. Extra clothes — make sure to rotate these out each week for washing or change of weather.
  1. 6 diapers and 1 pack of wipes — I have tested this number and 6 gives you enough for a trip to Target or a trip to the airport.
  1. Wet Ones — these are perfect for cleaning your hands, little hands, and wiping up after a diaper change.
  1. Ziploc bags — these are a must for when you have soiled clothes that you have to take home or you can’t find a trash can for dirty diapers.
  1. Food for baby and older kiddos —
  • Bottles and formula or expressed breast milk if you’re bottle feeding
  • Bottled water
  • 2-3 baby snacks
  • 2-3 big kid snacks for older kiddos
  1. Blankets/jacket/hat to keep baby warm
  1. Fabulous Feeding Cloth — the “World’s Best Burp Cloth” (pictured above) protects your clothes from spit-up stains while you are out and about with your little one! Stay spotless and fab all day.
  1. Ziploc bag of clean baby toys
  1. Sunscreen

Bonus Items:

  1. Pacifier — if your baby takes one
  1. Changing pad — most diaper bags come with one attached these days, but if not you can get a single one

  2. Desitin — if your baby is prone to diaper rash
  1. Tissues
  1. Nursing supplies — nursing cover, breast pads
  1. Sling or baby wrap
  1. First aid kit
  1. Emergency info — make sure to have the number for your pediatrician and poison control in your phone

That’s it! You are ready to pack up, grab your little ones and rock it! You got this!

Madison Avenue Mommy creates products that make mommy life easy and glamorous, so that you can do it all! Go conquer the world, mommy!

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Kelley Prust
Founder and CEO, Madison Avenue Mommy, Inc.
Mommy to Seth, Bailey and Jax

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